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Controlling your Tabs

Looking to make the most of your Chrome browser? This is the first in a series of helpful tips on getting the most out of the worlds most popular browser -stay tuned for more!

So do you have multiple tabs open at once? Get lost in a sea of confusion? Your productivity suffering?

Tab Management

Tab management is one of the key skills to master to make the most out of any browser. Fortunately, Chrome gives you a ton of options to do just that.

Right-clicking on a tab will bring up a menu with several options…

Image from the Google Store

Time flies when you are in perpetual lockdown. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself!

Leaving politics aside it’s been an interesting shift in how technology is being used during our confinement. One of my purchases was investing further into the Google ecosystem with the Pixel 5 (alongside the Google Nest WiFi mesh system but more on that in another post).

I went to the Pixel 5 from an iPhone 11 Pro — my first dip into the Apple realm of handsets for many years — mainly due to — well — how boring the iPhone is. …

Image courtesy of Google

So Google Stadia is over a year old. As an early adopter, indeed a founder, of the platform how have I found using it?

In short, it has been brilliant! I am not a hardcore gamer by any means so I guess those that are would likely look at Xbox or PlayStation offerings however, Stadia has a unique advantage. It can be played just about anywhere, anytime on a ton of devices.

OK, so I must admit the platform did not get off to an auspicious start with slow uptake of users and in the most part lacklustre titles. But, and this is a big but, it worked. As advertised. No downloads. No waiting. Instant play at your fingertips. …

The future is bright for Google Workspace. Working from home is here to stay. Yes in 2021 we will, hopefully, see a return to working in offices in some form but it will not be at the same level pre-COVID.

Google Workspace is the best collaborative productivity platform on the planet alongside being device agnostic which means it is perfectly placed to become even more popular.

Throughout 2020 Google brought new functionality and improved cross-app compatibility enabling teams to work wherever they are.

Check out my previous on why I think Chrome OS is the way to go for most…

Image by the author

Living with a Macbook over the last couple of weeks has been different. But is it any better than the Chromebooks I have been using for my main devices over nearly the last decade? Let’s dive in and find out…..

Despite my love affair with Chromebooks the one big advantage Macs (and indeed PC’s) have over them is in the handling of Chrome profiles. As my work consists of being a Google partner in the Google Workspace industry, therefore, having multiple client admin logins, the way Chromebooks handles this is not as fluid as the other Operating Systems.

The particular…

Photo by sk on Unsplash

and why subscribing to Google Play Pass helps

I used to play Chess a lot as a kid but lost my passion for the game. That was until I saw Benya Clark’s post about a new publication dedicated to Chess.

It piqued my dormant interest in the old game and I decided to check out what was available as an app on the Google Play Store.

As a Play Pass subscriber (well is was actually a free three-month pass as I bought a Pixel 5), I did not have a great deal of choice for the versions under that subscription model — advert and in-app purchase free. …

Chrome OS in action

I fell in love with the Chrome OS way back in 2011 when it was in its infancy.

Since then I have witnessed it mature into a capable, efficient and exciting platform. There are more reasons than the 7 listed below but I thought this was a good starting point.


Let us begin with arguably the most important part of any operating system — security. Chromebooks do not need antivirus installed — ever! How is that I hear you ask? Chromebooks are built from the ground up with a modern OS — no legacy applications are needing support as everything is done on the web. Layers of security are built-in with -

  • Automated updates — as a…

*this article is based on my experience using a beta version of Big Sur on a 2013 Macbook Air.

My ageing Macbook Air had started to show signs of weariness so with no little trepidation I decided to try the beta version Apple just announced as Big Sur.

The Apple Keynote version you can watch here.

Whilst we must recognise that this a beta version of the OS so not the finished article there really is not much change from the previous version called Catalina.

There has been a refresh of the sidebars in most of the applications such as iPhotos and now transparency through some of the navigation bars is present. …

Having covered the hardware and software, what did I finally think of the iPad Pro?

Wrapping up this series is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand a beautifully crafted, powerful but highly mobile computer. On the other, the power let down by the software experience.

I had hoped that by using the iPad, my writing workflow would be enhanced to greater heights.

But what remains was a sense of “what if”.

Why Apple has decided not to implement support to other monitors makes little sense when they promote this a laptop alternative. Multitasking is an essential requirement which a handful of developers have tried to address with varying degrees of success.

Multitasking as a…

Now one of my biggest concerns whilst researching on whether to purchase the iPad was what software to use.

Working as a G Suite reseller and a long term Chromebook user it concerned me whether the iPad would deliver a good experience with Google services and applications. Whilst I have access to work hardware it was still important to me that I could use my device when I wanted to whether for convenience or ease of travel.

I had also, from previous experience, had concerns around iCloud syncing across devices but syncing has improved but it still is slower than…

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